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"Sales Pitch" & Ashtonley

O.K., well, I am gunna pitch *Fifth Notes* to our 3 members, since Ashtonley's to busy fallin 4 that James guy & isnt up on the game.

*Fifth Notes* is a 6 issue "zine" that we are going to put out. We actually will too. Uh, just e-mail us your name, age, and loca., & we'll make Derick do the rest. J/k. Uh, oh, if you want to subscribe, click here

To get more info on *FN* click here

To directly contact a *Close* member, click here, or here, or here, or here, or here.

To directly contact "Patricia" (Kaleigh), click here

To directly contact a *FN* rep, click here.

To PLEASE help Ashtonley out, so she'll keep quiet about James, please click here On behalf of Tor, Kriss, and Der, and myself, we will welcome ANY info on Nottom, England, and/or James himself. Thanks.


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