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New Songs

Gonna post this in both my journal, and the Close community.

"A Candle In The Darkness"Lying under a ceiling of stars
I realize that you're so far
Far away from me
Your friends and family
This is a heavy weight lying on my heart
Emotions flooding, how can I start?
As I look to teh Heavens, see the stars overhead
It's hard to comprehend that you're dead
I pick a star out of the cluster, and keep it as mine
There it is, beautiful, limitless, and frozen in time
Exactly as you were
A beautiful person, too beautiful for this world
And while hope feels gone
And I'm feeling anything but strong
I remember how you showed me the way
And that we'll be together again someday
You give give a touchless kiss
Because you're my candle in the darkness

Even now, even still
You make mefind a way, find a will
When I'm slipping
You take my hand to keep me from falling
Long ago we made a pact
Even now, even still, you have my back
I can feel the heat rising
At my body the flames are tearing
From dropping that light
But you were there with me, ready to fight
You were the strong one, so it's hard to believe you're gone
And now the world won't now the real me
Without my other half helping me discover me
With a flicker, with a flame
It sucks, it's a shame
I blame myself, as I usually do
Because I should've been taken instead of you
Because I should've been taken instead of you
My candle in the darkness

"Over You"I just wanna get over you
Because I'm holding onto something never true
Holdin' onto, wishin' for everything is just something I do
Get over, get over, gotta get over you
I sit here, writing
Strainin' my eyes from this lighting
Listening to channel 472
MTV Hits, scribbling to this tune
I wanna call
See when you're working at the mall
Bring my friends
For my feelings' protection
Why the hell are you doing this
I just wanna get lost in this sweet bliss
Don't you understand that I'm trying to get over you
I'm just holdin' onto something untrue
Holdin' onto, wishin' for everything is just somethin' I do
Get over, get over, gotta get over you

Believe me when I say
I don't wanna get over you today
But it's driving me crazy, insane
You've left imprints on my heart, never to be teh same
I wnat you to leave my life, to just get out
What do I gotta do; cry, scream, yell, shout?
This has to give
I haveta, wanta get on with my life that I gotta live
Time'll tell if I am able to go through this
It may be you my heart starts to miss
It may ache
It may break
Then again, maybe, well...whatever
Oh dear God, don't make this last forever...
Chorus x2
Get over, get over, gotta get over you
...Hell yeah I do.

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